BuddyGuard's Add-ons for a safer home

BuddyGuard's Add-ons for a safer home

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Which payment methods are currently accepted?

You can pay with your PayPal account, major credit cards and Sofort (limited availability).

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, you will receive your invoice attached as a PDF file to your order confirmation email.

I want to order FLARE for my business: Can I get a VAT invoice?

All our invoices specify the VAT (percentage and amount), conform with German regulation. You can enter your European VAT ID during checkout.


Are you shipping worldwide?

Currently, we only sell and ship to countries within Europe.

Who do you ship with?

We ship with Hermes in Europe and with DHL in the rest of the world. Please be aware that our shipments outside of Europe are for a limited audience and that we are currently only selling and shipping to countries within Europe, including Norway and Switzerland.

What's inside the box?

Each box contains one of each:

  • Wall magnet + screws
  • Micro-USB cable + Adapter
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Limited Warranty booklet



What do I need to make FLARE work?

All you need is 2.4 Ghz WiFi at home (check your router or ask your internet provider), a drill to mount FLARE’s Magnet and a free electricity socket. You will need a smartphone with iOS or Android to use our App.

Who can help me with the installation?

Our Support team is happy to help you out! Contact us directly at support@buddyguard.io or use one of our contact options below.

Where should I place my FLARE?

Every home is different, but to give you an idea on where to place your devices, we’ve created four very different layouts for your reference. Contact us at support@buddyguard.io if you need personalized advice!


What's the best height to install FLARE?

We consider 160cm (5ft 3) to be the perfect “eye level” height – but if most people in your Security Circle are taller than 1.60m, you should place it at their average eye level.

What are the technical specifications for FLARE?

Visit our Technical Specifications > page for the latest list of specifications.

What are the minimum / maximum temperatures for FLARE to operate in?

FLARE is meant to be placed indoors, in an environment that doesn’t get colder than 10° C (50° F) or warmer than 35° C (95° F). Humid areas should be avoided!

I'm moving: Can I take FLARE with me to my new home?

Absolutely. Take the device off, unscrew the Magnet and simply install FLARE just as you did in your old home. Don’t forget to update your address in the App!

I wear glasses occassionally. Should I go through the face recognition setup twice, with and without glasses?

We only save one set of images per person, so please perform the setup without your glasses for now.

The connection via Bluetooth could not be established. What can I do?

After 10 minutes of “no pairing” the Bluetooth chip goes into sleep mode. Please triple tap the “bg” symbol on FLARE: This will wake the chip so that you can try to establish the connection over Bluetooth.

How does the Secret Phrase work?

A Secret Phrase is used to authenticate a Member of your Security Circle, so that this Member can deactivate FLARE. The Phrase needs to be associated with that Member: You cannot set up one Secret Phrase for everybody!

What do the LED ring colors mean?

Hover with your mouse over the images to read a brief explanation for every color signal.



Do my FLARE communicate with each other?

Yes, through the Cloud and Bluetooth, different devices can communicate and share settings with each other. You can even have two FLARE devices in two different locations, with still the same settings applying to both devices!

Does FLARE detect smoke?

FLARE cannot detect smoke nor CO2, as the device is mounted to the wall instead of the ceiling. We are working on an extension in the form of a separate device that will function as a smoke and CO2 detector, to be released in 2017.

How can I make sure that FLARE stays active when I am on vacation?

FLARE will continue to protect your home while you’re away, but we do advise the following:

  1. Make sure FLARE is connected to its USB power cord, as the back-up batteries will only last for a few hours up to one day
  2. Activate the BuddySIM add-on to ensure FLARE stays online in case of an internet outage

How can I teach FLARE new sounds?

Whenever FLARE isn’t sure how to classify a sound, it will save the recording in the App as an Event. You can improve FLARE’s accuracy by instructing it what it just heard. FLARE will recognize the sound the next time.

Can I rename FLARE?

Yes, as soon as you’ve finished the setup through our App, you can give every FLARE a different name.

How many FLARE do I need?

This really depends on the size and layout of your home. Apartments usually need one or two devices, while detached houses are better protected with three FLARE. Want to know where to place your FLARE? We made it easier for you: Click HERE > to see some of our suggestions.

What if someone breaks in?

FLARE will record and save all audio, video and image material in the Cloud, for future reference or as evidence. Naturally, all users in the first ring of the security circle will be notified and, if activated, BuddyReact will dispatch the police on your behalf.

I want to place my FLARE somewhere else, what should I do?

As face and voice recognition is different in every room (light, echo, etc) you should repeat the configuration in order for FLARE to understand its new surroundings.

Can I integrate FLARE into other home systems?

At the moment, FLARE is a standalone system – but we might explore integrating FLARE into other platforms or vice versa.

Can I change the alarm tone on FLARE?

No, this is not possible right now.


What kind of smartphone do I need?

You need a phone that runs an iOS or Android operating system.

Which languages are currently supported?

FLARE and the App are currently available in English. The next language we’ll roll out is German. You will receive a notification when our services become available in your local language.

Can I remove a Member from my Security Circle?

Yes, you can add, edit and remove Members from your Security Circle at any time. Simply go to the Settings in our App and select the Member of your choice.

Can I copy Events onto my own servers or Cloud storage?

No, to ensure continuous quality and secure processing and storage of your data, you can not export your Events or any other data to your own servers or Cloud storage.

Can I share my Events or footage on social media?

No, and we advise you against sharing any information or footage regarding your home security on social media or with anyone outside of your Security Circle.

What happens if I lose my phone?

First: Get your SIM card blocked by your provider! As soon as you download the App onto your new phone with the same Apple ID or Google account, all your settings will be loaded into the App.

Can I schedule the on/off time of FLARE?

Yes. Just like with a thermostat or an alarm you can set different days and hours for when FLARE needs to be activated/deactivated. Of course you can always de/activate FLARE per voice command or through the App.


What are Add-ons?

BuddyGuard’s Add-ons are services which you can activate in our App on a monthly basis. The Add-ons provide you with extra protection and back-up features, like BuddyReact to dispatch the police to your home and BuddySIM for the 4G LTE back-up. Add-ons can be deactivated at any given time, with no strings attached. Go to our Add-ons > page to learn all about our services

What is BuddyReact?

BuddyReact > is a subscription to a local security company, which means they will actually do a house-call and alarm follow-up in case of an Event. The security company can even decide to dispatch the police to your home. From the moment of intrusion, FLARE will live-stream everything it sees and hears to the monitoring center. Availability and terms vary per security partner. BuddyReact is currently only available in Germany.

How does BuddySIM work?

BuddySIM is the name of our 4G LTE back-up > Add-on, which can be activated and de-activated on a monthly basis. It takes over the WiFi connection in case of a power- or internet outage.



Where is BuddyGuard based?

BuddyGuard, officially BuddyGuard GmbH, is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. A branche dedicated to R&D was opened in Romania in 2016.

Can I visit your office to buy FLARE or bring one back for repair?

No, as we don’t keep a lot of stock nor are we equipped with the right tools and machinery: Please send us an email at support@buddyguard.io if you have any questions about purchasing or returning FLARE.


Who has access to my data?

Only you and certain Members of your Security Circle can access your data (video, audio, Events). The actual footage is encrypted and not accessible nor viewable by BuddyGuard.

Where does BuddyGuard has its servers?

Our distributed cloud computing servers are with Microsoft in Ireland. We’ll soon move our services to Microsoft’s servers in Germany.

How does BuddyGuard handle my data privacy?

By hosting our services on servers based in Europe, we are making a conscious effort to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679). Please visit our Legal page for our latest Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions.


How long is my FLARE covered by BuddyGuard's warranty?

BuddyGuard’s Limited Warranty > covers your FLARE for 24 months from the original date of purchase.

I backed FLARE on Kickstarter or Indiegogo: When does the Limited Warranty start?

Your Limited Warranty starts from the invoice date shown on the statement that comes with your shipment. If you haven’t received your invoice, please contact us at support@buddyguard.io

My FLARE is broken or no longer works: What do I do now?

Please contact our Support department immediately at support@buddyguard.io. The more details and images you can provide, the sooner we can find you a solution. Don’t forget to mention your order number!

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